Raspberry Pi Useful Distro List -Holiday Escape


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I know we have guys with Pi's and wide interests.  With the holidays, some of us actually get some peace and quiet, and it's a great time to get that idle gear you bought this year doing something useful.  Raspberry Pi's are probably sitting around unused by many of us, so I thought why not promote getting them doing something .  Nice little devices, with the right software. 

So, we all know Pi's can run Kodi and related AV TV zombie causing tasks.  Blah.  There is other stuff, that's what we want here.  Ready to download to copy to SD card and BOOM the Pi becomes useful.

Accepting recommendations from others to append to this list.

Here we go, my list of Pi distros folks might enjoy:

Apps: (mininalist OS loaded with more traditional apps) (Docker focused Pi)

Firewall / Router / Security: (i2p - alternative to ToR) (Tor Distro) (security distro) (DVR / security cam distro) (softether distro for Pi) (Pirate Box - local sharing via wifi)


Other: (ToR optimized for Pi as a bridge),-Raspberry-Pi-Style!/

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I like the Pi and all, but I don't see it as being a good alternative to a proper firewall/router/security system.  The Security Cam, yeah that makes sense, but the firewall haha, I don't know.

The Raspberry Pi music box is pretty awesome.  I'd love that. 


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Plenty of folks with just whatever their upstream gave them for a crappy devices.. and those units tend to be unmaintable / off limits and useless / vulnerable.   Lots of folks in the slow lane too, meaning they aren't on much bandwidth.

Remember I run all my stuff with multiple people on network all through a lowly ARM device (Odroid).  At this point, it's idle like always and that replaced a big power hungry machine comparatively.  The Pi is certainly capable of doing the firewall / gatewa for a lot of people out there.

The music stuff I do like.  Might give one of those a try soon.  I have a USB DAC sitting collecting dust and I constantly listen to music, but driven nuts by the lack of a good solution otherwise.

Many of these projects exist for 'more' capable ARM boards also.