Fedora 23 released!

    Fedora 23 has been released with pretty neat features. Changes include Two Week Atomic, "Disable SSL3 and RC4 by default" and many more. It seems like Fedora is moving towards being a very "cloud friendly" (Extensive Docker support since previous releases). What do you guys think? Also...

    The Open Organization

    So Jim Whiteburst, the CEO of Redhat, published this book, The Open Organization, in June 2015. Didn't knew about it until a few days ago. It's basically about his journey of joining Redhat and the general life at Redhat; how fast paced and innovative businesses should be managed - the open way...
  3. lbft

    RHEL 7 beta released

    Red Hat have announced that RHEL 7 beta is now available for those with subscriptions. I doubt too many people here have Red Hat subs but this is stuff likely to be in the final RHEL 7 and thus the next major releases of Centos, Scientific Linux, etc. Some interesting changes: dropped 32 bit...