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After we finished, Szulik mentioned he wanted me to meet Michael Cunningham, the company's general counsel, and suggested maybe that I could have an early lunch with him. I agreed, so we started to get up to leave. As he grabbed for his wallet, Szulik realized he didn't have it. "Oops," he said. "I don't have any money. Do you?"

This kind of caught me off guard, but I told him I had some money and didn't mind springing for the coffee. A few minutes later, Szulik dropped me off at a little Mexican eatery where I met up with Cunningham. Again, this was not a traditional interview or setting by any means, but another great conversation. As Cunningham and I were getting ready to settle the bill, we were informed that the restaurant's credit card machine was broken.
So Jim Whiteburst, the CEO of Redhat, published this book, The Open Organization, in June 2015. Didn't knew about it until a few days ago. It's basically about his journey of joining Redhat and the general life at Redhat; how fast paced and innovative businesses should be managed - the open way. So I read the first 4 pages which is available online and it really got me interested.

Check it out here:


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Just a quick update to this thread.

I've finished the book a few days ago and I gotta say, it was simply BRILLIANT and AMAZING. Jim Whitehurst wasn't just an all-talk-and-no-action bullshit guy, whatever he says in the book, he actually does it.

The way he connected with people, take time to read emails and tweets from anyone, etc. Example:

The Open Organization simply breaks the traditional bureaucratic way of ruling in a company through meritocracy, igniting passion, letting the sparks fly, etc. It's really an interesting read and I highly recommend all of you to either borrow or buy this book.
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