1. VPN.SH

    Selling 0.14 BTC - $55 - PayPal

    Hey vpsBoard, Got 0.14 BTC that I'm wanting to sell. Please PM me if you're interested. Payment to be made by PayPal. Could probably get one or two people to pop in and confirm legitimate and easy sales (depending on their discretion) if needed. Thanks, Liam
  2. VPN.SH

    0.153 BTC for sale

    Hey guys, Selling 0.153 BTC if anybody is interested in buying. Preferably want payment over PayPal. Please PM me if interested in buying either the full amount, or a chunk (preferably nothing small than 0.07). Thanks, Liam
  3. drmike

    BitCoin, buying, paying and using help for novices

    So here around here is a heavy BitCoin user/proponent? Part of the disconnect the masses have is the abstract nature of Bitcoin. What's the easiest way to get started with Bitcoin as an end user (not as a miner)? What sites, tools, etc. do you recommend today?
  4. B &

    I've got two gaming-related domains up for grabs! --- Registered: September 20, 2012 Expires: September 20, 2013 Registered: June 13, 2012 Expires: June 13, 2014 --- Auction ends on June 22 at 6:00 pm PST Starting bid of $7 with minimum increments of $1...