BitCoin, buying, paying and using help for novices


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So here around here is a heavy BitCoin user/proponent?

Part of the disconnect the masses have is the abstract nature of Bitcoin.

What's the easiest way to get started with Bitcoin as an end user (not as a miner)?

What sites, tools, etc. do you recommend today?


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I am. It's very easy to mine. The easiest thing you can do to mine is grab a few dedicated servers and mine on them.

As for not mining, you can exchange PayPal/Payza/WMZ/PM/etc. to Bitcoin, if you do the best place (I'm going to regret this) is on hackforums. It's been given a bad name, however on hackforums people are selling like 2btc for $185, etc. Cheapest place you'll get btc and vise-versa.