1. D

    HELOOOOOOOOOO Sweden / Budget OpenVZ plans by

    Dear Friends, Only 3 months after acquiring VikingLayer we are happy to announce new VPS lineup in Sweden. Servers are hosted on dual X5675 CPUs and Hardware RAID 10 disk array accelerated with battery protected DDR Cache. We use Portlane - Nacka Station as POP in Stockholm. Server is connected...
  2. A

    Redefined my vps requirements and looking for offers

    I'm hoping to find a VPS provider which meets the follwoing requirements: privacy taken seriously non US/UK based company server location preferably in Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland performance: ~ 30GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1Gbit connection, >2TB Traffic ignorance is a...
  3. blergh

    KVM/Xen/VMware in Scandinavia

    Hello, I am looking for something in Scandinavia to run my PBX on, does anyone happen to know about any decent providers around? 5GB Disk 256-512MB RAM (the more, the better) 100-200GB Trans Allows me to easily load custom ISO's or copy a VMware-container over. Currently looking at...