Redefined my vps requirements and looking for offers


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I'm hoping to find a VPS provider which meets the follwoing requirements:

  • privacy taken seriously
  • non US/UK based company
  • server location preferably in Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Switzerland
  • performance: ~ 30GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit or 1Gbit connection, >2TB Traffic
  • ignorance is a bliss-like behaviour when it comes to copyright infringement (e.g. DMCA)
  • allow TOR middle-nodes or even exit-nodes
  • allow VPN (<5 users)
and the insane part of my request..

  • ~10 euro/month
thanks for the suggestions,

greetings apoc


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Doubt you'll get something so strict features here.

Our lowest pricing is $17/mo for 2GB RAM and we do SSD storage, however our registered office is in the United Kingdom (sorry, but we are). We do have 8 locations to choose from however we do not accept TOR middle-nodes or even exit-nodes & our port speeds are 500Mbps

We do allow VPN's though.