1. Awmusic12635

    [For HIRE] Level 2/3 Support Tech - USA Night Time Shift

    We are looking for a Level 2/3 support tech that is available for a night time US shift. Job Requirements:   Additional Skills (Not required):   Average day snapshot:   Applying:  
  2. EricGregory

    Linux Tech Positions Available in Atlanta

    Total Server Solutions is a cutting edge data center & technical services company based in Atlanta, GA.  Our goal is to provide the best, fastest, and most complete technical services to our customers.  At the moment though, we’re missing a key piece of the puzzle.  You!  We employ some of the...
  3. Eric1212

    [For Hire] Part-time - Tickets / Live Chat - Sales, Billing, L1/L2 Support - Freelance Design - Flex

    Hello VPSBoarders and business owners, Hope you are all having a great long weekend and Easter with your families! I sure am!  I'm currently looking for part-time employment in the web hosting / design industry to expand my skills, gain experience, and earn some extra income.  My rate and...