[For HIRE] Level 2/3 Support Tech - USA Night Time Shift


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We are looking for a Level 2/3 support tech that is available for a night time US shift.

Job Requirements:

1. Speak fluent English
2. Expert in Linux
3. Can communicate well with others
4. Can work well in a group
5. Previous hosting industry experience (references preferred)
6. KVM and OpenVZ virtualization experience
7. SolusVM and WHMCS panel knowledge
8. Experienced in troubleshooting
Additional Skills (Not required):

1. Scripting
2. Coding
3. Networking
4. Systems Security
Average day snapshot:

On an average day you will be tasked with responding to client tickets, troubleshooting their problems, and fixing said problem if the issue is on our end. The support load varies each day however you should be available during the entire shift as support is 24/7.

Please send resume, availability and preferred salary to: [email protected]