1. bigcat

    SSH Chat

    I stumbled upon this on Hacker News. Just sharing it here cause its interesting What is ssh-chat? Custom SSH server written in Go. Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt. Simplest chat platform I've used so far. Try To connect, ssh <username> Source on GitHub. Docker...
  2. C

    shundle, a simple plugin manager for general purpose shells

    Shundle is a general sh plugin manager I wrote when I realized how messy my ~/.bashrc was getting. It helps you to manage your aliases, colors and history, although it could be extend to cover anything (it's based on plugins). I created few plugins around it to show the concept; colorize...
  3. wlanboy

    Running a terminal multiplexer

    I found a little gem that I am using if I have to do serveral things at the same time on the same server. Like testing my scripts and looking at the logs and at the mongodb client at the same time. The tool is tmux which is a terminal multiplexer. It allows you to split a terminal into smaller...
  4. wlanboy

    Running a web based terminal (ssh)

    I was looking for a web based terminal emulator and finally found "Shell In A Box". It is a linux service that is running a webservice that uses JS/CSS to build up a great web based terminal. Installation is easy because it is part of all major repositories: apt-get install openssl...