shundle, a simple plugin manager for general purpose shells


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Shundle is a general sh plugin manager I wrote when I realized how messy my ~/.bashrc was getting. It helps you to manage your aliases, colors and history, although it could be extend to cover anything (it's based on plugins).

I created few plugins around it to show the concept; colorize, aliazator, eternalize, right now it adds 0m0.110 seconds with all the plugins enabled and 0m0.048s without any to the average bash startup time (working in getting more shells supported). Note: I tested it in a dual core cpu. It's inspired by vundle[0] and oh-my-zh[1] and it tries to be as less intrusive as possible.

Plugins are enabled by placing a Bundle= directive in the shell profile file (~/.bashrc in bash), eg. enabling eternalize:


And later running:

$ shundle install

If it still sounds confusing, I've made a screencast at:

Feel free to grab the code and improve it or send suggestions: