1. MartinD

    Seems like UrPad was hit by the IPMI Vuln.

    Things don't look to good for them at the moment - hopefully they recover quickly!
  2. drmike

    URPad Feels Your Pain... Hires (More) Support Staff.

    Just saw this posted elsewhere: Guess the unkind words and experiences customers mentioned during their massive migration were noted by management.  Hurrah!
  3. drmike

    URPad closing locations, merging into 3 central non-rental datacenter --- DUMPS COLOCROSSING!

    Just got this in my inbox....
  4. drmike

    URPad Needs Help Improving - take Root Level Technology's Money

    Saw this floating around and thought it should show up here for customers and former customers of URPad.  Unsure why Chris or Randall didn't post it here, so I shall. TL;DR = URPad is giving away cash for input on how they can improve their service.   (Never mind the grammar and spell check ---...
  5. ChrisM $12/year VPS's are back! - Multiple Locations - Blazing Speed! - Setting the new standard for VPS! is proud to announce its latest offer. With new servers provisioned in Houston and LA being upgraded to offer more servers with better specs, we want to show customers we have great products. The all new servers are Dual Hex-Core 2620's...
  6. drmike

    URPad down, Wholesale Internet and Datashack also down.

    (we need a section for outages) Stopped in to check on things and I see: URPad (UK) Wholesale Internet (Kansas City) Datashack (Kansas City) are all offline. Lots of price conscious folks offline.
  7. drmike

    Kevin Hillstrand is a fraud

    Some folks probably haven't still heard about Kevin Hillstrand aka CVPS_Kevin. As per the CVPS database, no Kevin exists.  Instead the main administrator turned out to be none other than Adam.  Some of you may remember Adam from URPad and from VPSLatch and another shell company. This thread is...