1. ModulesGarden

    New OpenStack VPS For WHMCS 1.7.0 with Rocky edition support!

    OpenStack VPS For WHMCS 1.7.0 There are at least several essential improvements you may expect from our latest release, and none of them has made it on this list without a good reason. For example, thanks to the neatly secured integration with OpenStack Rocky, you may rest assured that your...
  2. ikoula

    Ikoula -50% off VPS plans during six months

    Hello, From today to the end of the month grab the -50% off promo with six months on our VPS offers Flex and Flexicloud. Use the coupon code VPS6M50. Price of the first VM plan goes to 6.49€ / month Order links : Fixed plans Custom plans Promo is valid from 9th to 31st of may...
  3. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS 1.3 For WHMCS With Tons Of New Features!

    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS For WHMCS allows you to automatically provision virtual servers to your customers who can manage them directly from your WHMCS client area. Module also contains Proxmox Addon where you can monitor & manage your servers, IP addresses and clusters. Version 1.3 contains...
  4. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS For WHMCS 1.2, Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS, Advanced Billing For WHMCS

    We are happy to announce release of another full-featured module - Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS. Module allows your customers to create and manage their own virtual servers at virtual datacenters in your WHMCS client area! You set up the resource limits and your clients create servers within it...