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  1. oneilonline

    Up to 34% Off! | 5420/5520/i7/E3/E5 | 30 Locations | Free Setup | Free DDoS Protec

    Over 22 years in business, Watta Server has the experience in the hosting industry to know how to do it right. We do a lot more than just hosting, we are a full service hosting company. If you need a control panel installed like cpanel, webmin or tcadmin: we can do it for you. If you need us to...
  2. K

    Dewlance® - $140/mo E3/E5 - 32GB RAM - 4 x 500GB SSD - USA - /26

    Dewlance® provide hosting services since 2009 (8+ Year) and now we provide most affordable dedicated server at very low price. Our E3 server is suitable for big forum hosting, VPS Node, etc. - Free Upgrade to 1Gbps Port - We are not a reseller, Server hardware is owned by Dewlance. Server...
  3. HostVenom - Brandon

    HostVenom LLC - E3s from $79/m - Dual E5 from $189/m - Up to a /26 Free* will consider price matching offers that will remain sustainable. Please email sales[at]hostvenom[dot]com to find out if we can help.   See what our customers have to say...
  4. concerto49

    E3-1230V3/IPv6/32GB RAM/RAID10/ Los Angeles $204/m [Cloud Shards]

    Cloud Shards' aim is to provide cost-effective, premium and reliable hosting to our clients. We cater to individuals, small businesses and all the way to large enterprises that need cutting-edge solutions.   Limited Time Promo whilst stocks last! IPv6 Ready!   Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 (3.3Ghz)...
  5. Jade

    Where do you think the best possible location for a VPS to be?

    Where do you think the best location for a VPS node to be hosted at in a DC? Somewhere in the middle of the USA? Etc. Share your thoughts
  6. H4G

    ::H4G::Dual Quad Core - Hardware RAID 10 - 4 x1TB HDD - 13 IPs - lots more this time.

    Dual Quad Core E5410 2.33GHz 8 CPU's RAM: 8GB RAM (upgradable to 24GB) HDD: 4 x 1TB HDD SATA III RAID: Adaptec Hardware RAID 10 Monthly bandwidth: 10TB Uplink: 100Mbps (Upgradeable to 1Gbps) IPs: 13 IPs Free  Location: Orlando, FL Monthly: $125.00 /mo ORDER NOW Intel E3-1230v2 3.2 GHz...
  7. H4G

    E3-1230 v2 - 4 x 1TB HDDs - 32GB RAM - HW / SW RAID - 1Gbps - $159 [NE / FL / IL / NY]

    I have a few nodes for up for grab. Details below: Intel E3-1230v2 4 x 1TB SATA HDD 32GB DDRIII RAM 1Gbps Network 5TB /mo Bandwidth Price: $159 /mo with SW RAID 10 $179 /mo with HW RAID 10 IPs: 2 (Default) Additional IPs are $1 /IP provisioned in blocks of 5 IPMI is included...