Dewlance® - $140/mo E3/E5 - 32GB RAM - 4 x 500GB SSD - USA - /26


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Dewlance® provide hosting services since 2009 (8+ Year) and now we provide most affordable dedicated server at very low price.

Our E3 server is suitable for big forum hosting, VPS Node, etc.

- Free Upgrade to 1Gbps Port
- We are not a reseller, Server hardware is owned by Dewlance.

Server Config:
E3 or E5 Server
- 2 x 1TB HDD (or 4 x 500GB SSD)
- 4TB Bandwidth
- 1Gbps Port Speed
- IP Address: 42 IPs (Justification Required)
- IPv6: available at free of cost - /64

Price: $140/mo
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(Note: E3 server comes with 4 x 500GB SSD, or 2 x 500GB SSD and E5 comes with 2 x 1TB HDD but its depend on availability)

While placing an order, Don't forget to chose disk, bandwidth, etc and cost is same for 2 x 1TB or 4x 500GB SSD disk, bandwidth, etc

Also If you chose OS then don't forget to mention about your custom partition in order note otherwise we will use standard partition.

Price list:
1. Server Management:
- Self Management - Managed by you
- Semi-Management (In Semi Management, We can Install/Reinstall OS upon your request at free of cost, Free cPanel Installation and basic OS Upgrade/Update)
- Fully Managed (We will manage your server, Regularly check for upgrade, Unlimited OS Install/Reinstall, Control Panel Installation)

Linux OS is available at free of cost and Cost of Windows 2008r2 Standard, Server 2012 & 2016 Standard Windows OS is around $30/mo

Additional IP Address
You can chose 5 IP or 42IP, No any charges but If you will chose 42IP then you will need to provide justification in order note or open a ticket. Cost of /26 is different but open a ticket before purchase.

Setup Time:
Setup can take up-to 1 week because of sometimes we need to purchase an new server and shipping can take 3 to 4 days however your server can be setup within 1 day but maximum setup time is 1 week. If you are in hurry then please open a ticket before purchase so we can give you exact ETA for setup which is depend on stock.

We are trusted Hosting provider, Our Whois Details is not hidden, No any hidden charges, Free basic tech support, Quick Response time, 8+ Year old company.