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    What you want to contain your VPS/KVM Client Area ?

    We are in the process of creating our own billing/customers management software and we would like your input on what features the VPS/KVM panel should contain. for exemple : firewall, addons ip , instal reinstal software, etc etc.
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    [FREE] XSLOVZ - WHMCS module to control OpenVZ node via ssh2 extension

    Hi There, this module was developed in 2013. I wanted to share it with you so we can all benefit from it. and may be extend it. Description : This is a server provisioning module made for WHMCS. it can help server administrators or VPS server providers to Create, Terminate, Suspend, Unsuspend...
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    CVM Update/Q&A

    Since everybody and their dog have started writing VPS panels, I figured I might as well provide an update on CVM, answering some frequently asked questions. Is CVM still being developed? Yes. Why isn't it done yet? As the amount of donations I received for CVM were nowhere near covering my...