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Since MannDude started a topic called 100,000 I thought I'd start one called 10,000 :p

10,000 of these "Links" being installed here over the next few years.  The first ones are being installed now photophoto2

description from

What is a Link?

Links are connection points that house cutting-edge wireless technology, interactive communication systems, and digital advertising displays. Each ADA-compliant Link structure features:

    24/7 free encrypted Wi-Fi with up to gigabit speeds
    Free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S.
    Integrated lighting
    Digital displays which exhibit strategic, insight-driven advertisements & public service announcements
    Touchscreen Android tablet expediting access to the Internet
    Tactile keypad with Braille lettering, dedicated 911 button, speaker, microphone & headphone jack
    USB charger for free mobile device usage
    Iconic & durable aluminum construction
    Sleek design & minimal footprint which restores sidewalk space previously encumbered by large payphone enclosures

Proposed privacy policy for the free wifi (franchise for running the service was awarded to a company called CityBridge LLC):

terms of service: <--I'd like to know how they plan to enforce "you must be 18+ to use this"
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