12 US Data Centers Hosting Foreign Government Spyware


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Canada's Citizen Lab has added to its record of uncovering government snooping using Hacking Team's software, has dropped a bombshell: it's accused 12 American data centres of hosting clients deploying the spyware...

In its latest report, Hacking Team's US Nexus, Citizen Lab* says there are 114 servers in America, in at least a dozen data centres, that are part of RCS (Remote Control Software) circuits....

The governments it accuses of snooping are, in other words, using RCS to wiretap on individuals – for example, citizens in the US, journalists reporting on their countries' affairs, expats and activists – and send the data offshore. This violates US laws, such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Wiretap Act, Citizen Lab writes....

Their name-and-shame list says names Linode, Internetserver, InMotion Hosting, GoDaddy, ColoCrossing, Sharktech, Endurance International, Infolink, NOC4Hosts and HostDime

the original report and list of US data centers:


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Exagerated as always with Citizenlab.

This governments buy with normal (either real or made up) identities in this countries normal services with the ISP (mainly VPS) that act as reverse connect proxies.

Source: We were on the last list, and i know that from comparing customer data

Further Poland does not even run HT RCS, it's not legal in Europe - That is more likely one of the hacked copies.
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I for one, as a Canadian apologize for the sensationalist dribble quite a few of my fellow countymen drop as turds for The Register to pick up.


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Oh god!

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news from few days ago

I'm shock because Linode one of them. Poor linode

Their name-and-shame list
love theregister :rolleyes: