20gb drive and 500gb bandwidth


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I'm putting together a small cdn (for experimentation) and need a bunch of small/cheap vps with 64mb ram 20gb drive and 500gb bandwidth.

Any offers?


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Most providers offering that small amount of memory would prefer yearly payments. Is that an option?


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Hello bcarlsonmedia,

We can probably do this for you under an annual payment. We may be able to do this under semi-annual as well.

The VPS would be located in Columbus, OH. If you're interested, please drop me an email direct - admin[at]premiumvm[dot]com or come on our live chat at (bottom right).

Look forward to hearing from you.




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128 mb guaranteed

256 mb burst

20 gb space

500 gb bandwidth

$2.00 p/m

sign up on and submit a ticket.  have 3 locations accross the country.


We can provide you with the following specifications for $1.50/mo paid monthly or yearly with a no questions asked 45 day money back guarantee

OpenVZ Virtualization

20GB Disk Space

500GB Bandwidth

64MB Guaranteed RAM

128MB Burstable RAM

1 IPv4 Address

Location: New York

If you would like this offer please feel free to PM me and I'll send you back a custom order link
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I could definitely get you set up with something in South Bend.  Send me a PM or email me - zach[@]



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@dominicl - Already have one in Illinois so that's fairly close. Thanks.

@24khost - I'll look into it. Thanks for the offer.

@GVH-Jon - Already have one in NY

@concerto49 - Really? Not close to the specs I posted.

@Zach - Interesting offer, although I have one in Illinois. I'll pm you though.

If anyone has west coast vps, specifically Seattle or LA that would be amazing!
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128mb RAM

256mb Burst

1 CPU Core (E3-1240v2)

20GB RAID-10 Storage

500GB Bandwidth

1GBps Speed

1 IPv4

Location: Buffalo, NY

$19.95 /yr.

Let me know: bryson /at/
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256 mb guaranteed

512 mb burst

1 vCore

25 gb space

500 gb bandwidth

Locations : USA, Kansas | Russia, Moscow - > OpenVZ || Canada,Quebec - > KVM


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