24 Hour Test


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I need to Test out my VPS hosting system and severs. So i have seven 24 hour test accounts up for grabs. I need to understand the load amount i can handle to see how many VPS servers i can host.

www.wetpi.com is the address

promotion code is fr33service100   and works on all of the packages.

Please post any feedback below.

Thank you 


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You're certainly going to need an SSL on WHMCS if you expect to get real signups after launch.


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I'm trying to get the SSL cert from whmcs and I'm getting the error 

  • 'An Administrative Province is required'
any ideas?


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@WetPi, no one here is gonna help you turn key a business. SSL is a basic must. If your unable to google and setup an SSL certificate, this is the wrong industry for you. Honestly, if this is the first SSL certificate you have ever setup, this is the wrong industry for you. We have plenty of hosts that put their customer private information and private business out in the open. Another, is not needed.