256 MB of RAM + 256 MB of SWAP + New Control Panel --Just $1.00 /Mo-- (Colo Crossing)


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Alright so for those of you who have been following BlueVM we've been developing a new control panel (Feathur). As part of its release and testing we're offering a fantastic deal on our BLUE1 VPS.

256 MB of Guaranteed RAM
256 MB of Swap
1 CPU @ 2.0+ Ghz
1 IPv4 Address
10 GB of Disk
500 GB of Bandwidth
NEW Feathur Control Panel! (OpenVZ)

Coupon Code: NEWCP

Order URL:
VPS Location: Buffalo, NY (Colo Crossing)
Other locations available shortly.

NOTICE: Feathur is still under beta, as such some features may not work as expected. If you have any issues please feel free to open a ticket with our staff we'd love to help you resolve these issues.

If you are an existing customer of BlueVM you may be asking: Why isn't my VPS on Feathur yet?
<br>We are preparing our nodes (literally right now) to be used with Feathur. This involves converting our nodes from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6 and migrating users from HyperVM to Feathur. It's a very involved process and we are taking the time to make sure that it is completed with little-to-no user downtime. We expect to begin moving users in Buffalo, NY to Feathur tomorrow and we should be completed before Monday. After that we will be migrating Atlanta, Illinois, Texas and California (in that order)...

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments...


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Tried to buy, except that the promo code does not seem to work: The promotion code entered has already been used.


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@bcarlsonmedia - Stock added. I add in 10 VPS bursts so we don't have 30 - 50 VPS provisioning at the same time. These VPS sell out pretty fast.

Also FYI to anyone who cares I just finished rDNS for Feathur and it's live.