300 Teen Break in, Have a Party and Trash NFL Players Farmhouse


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STEPHENTOWN, N.Y. - A vacant Rensselaer County home belonging to a former NFL star was trashed after police allege 300 teens broke in, converting the old farmhouse into a wild party house.

Former New England Patriots player Brian Holloway tells NEWS10 ABC he was in Florida on August 31st when he received word that his vacant Stephentown farmhouse was the scene of a large party.

How did these kids get caught?

They posted their wild party photos on "social" media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The end result

Former New England Patriots player Brian Holloway is turning the mess into a chance to address the substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, etc.) of the 300 party goers:

"They were drinking (underage), doing drugs, selling drugs and destroying property. It looks like there was over $20,000 in damage to the home, and we’ve yet to determine the cost of all the items that were stolen."

What in the world is wrong with young folks and the pack destruction mentality?

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Squat Partyy!!  No big sound systems? They haven't done it right :(

Feel sorry for the owner though, kids like to make a mess ehh?
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Idiots, man.

When I was half-way interested in partying, we did it right. Buddy's grandparents had a ton of land out in the middle of nowhere, had a huge lake on their property. Huge bonfires, loud music, and would sleep in tents (or just on the ground). Nowadays the thought of something like that makes me almost cringe.

Hopefully each teen has to pitch in equally for the damage. There is nothing awesome about destroying something that doesn't belong to you.
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