A free non messy way to track servers and IP blocks ?


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Hey guys, 

As we grow, it is becoming obvious that Excell is not something I will feel compofortable with when it comes to store server information such as node name, location, IP, Assigned Ipblocks and etc.

I know we have a lot of addicts and big boys here. How do you manage them? Anyone aware of any self hosted or hosted platform where I can store and access server related info on the go?

My current setup is excell with google drive sync.
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I'm actually working on a platform to do something similar, but its for storing info and it'll have a built in management console with stats (self-hosted).


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I made a MySQL database for this information, but its mostly for an IP map of internal and public services, inventory at each location, and random notes about the devices.

You mise well just use excel, there isnt really any softwares that do what you're wanting.