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This challenge was posted on by mythicbeasts (a hosting company). The purpose of completing this challenge is to be able to apply for a job there at the end but I thought I'd post it here for people to try for fun.

Basically its an arithmetic sum which you have to complete in 3/4 seconds but obviously that's impossible so there has to be another way! I haven't succeeded to complete it yet :/

Give it your best shot :)

btw Hello everyone, this is my first post here!


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You can easily write a script to parse the text and calculate what the value should be, THEN input it into the form and submit it. I'll see what I can do.
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You could, but I think the intended solution is different. If you look at the source of the page you will notice that there is a hidden input field which contains something encrypted. I think that encrypted string is the answer. I just don't know what encryption it is.


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this python code is working:

import urllib
a = urllib.urlopen('', 'r')
b ='Evaluate')[1].split(',')[0].strip()
print b
print eval(b.replace(' ',''))


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It tells you the number to input in that form, but i don't know how to make script for that part :D

but ok:

- a opens url(obviously)

- b read html and strips it to math expression

- print b line you dont need actualy it prints math expression

- print eval(b.replace(' ',''), this line print result

it means

b.replace(' ','') to lose spaces from expression 

and eval() make a number from  math expression

but all this is in last line alone.

Now you need to add how to submit it auto and that is it.

I'm not a programmer just learning to code from time to time, so don't expect to much from me :p

Now you login to your VPS type python and copy this code.

Sorry for bad English.
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