Abode Home Security


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Does anyone by chance have an abode system that can give feedback on it? It's got quite a hefty price tag so I'm hesitant to pull the trigger, but it looks to be the best available offering in the self-serve alarm system market.

Lowe's Iris isn't too hot and Simplisafe doesn't take security seriously...


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Vivint and Frontpoint are my suggestions.

In addition to having the best full-service DIY installation option, Frontpoint is known for the way it takes care of its customers. Frontpoint’s customers tend to stick around for an average of seven years—that’s more than twice as long as Frontpoint’s former contract.

Vivint’s monitoring fees are in line with our other top security companies, which is impressive given the advanced proprietary equipment and services that come with a Vivint home security system. We also like that Vivint gives you the option to buy your equipment outright, which means you’re off the hook for a long-term contract—but that does require a hefty up-front payment.

These are not my thoughts but some popular thoughts on these two services.