amuck-landowner | Dedicated | Dual E5-2440V2 8 Core 16 thread $99/ month


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Ace Host provides Data Center Hosting services, and IP (IPv4) Address Leasing. With service to more than 15 countries around the globe, we strive to bring you the best equipment possible, and the friendliest support, ’round the clock. With our equipment leasing program, you will soon find your business raising its standards, to that higher level of performance you’ve always dreamed of.

Dual E5-2440 V2 CPU
  • Intel E5-2440 V2 x 2
  • 32GB DDR3
  • 4 x 1TB Sata HDD
  • 10TB/ 1Gbp
  • 1 IPv4 (more available at each cost)
  • $99/month
We provide 24x7 support & deliver 99.9% uptime. Servers located in Tampa, FL

Contact: [email protected]