Any mobile apps for managing your VPS?


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Managing which aspects?
Really, any. I know their are SSH apps, but what about other ones that will alert me of high VPS load, downtime (I guess there are ones specifically for that), or anything that'd allow me to even go as far as re-installing a server if needed. Maybe something that'd show me a list of servers I've added and show me info about them (mem/cpu/disk/bw usage).


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I don't know of any Android apps specifically for this sort of thing.  I do have decent luck using control panels from my Android device (through the browser).  This is something I'm very interested in also...


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Theres probably some mobile app that uses the SolusVM API for start/shut down/restart/reinstall


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For SolusVM on Android, VPSMon ( is the way to go. Way better than the official Solus app. The developer's super responsive, too; he added a bunch of stuff after an LET thread.

No alerts, but you could suggest that to him and I wouldn't be surprised if he added some. His email's in the Google Play listing.
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For android there is a few nice apps, there is a great SSH app, i forget what its called, but the icon for the app is a lemon i think? iPhone has a nice SSH app and thats it  really. SolusVM Mobile works ok.