Anyone has experience with Account Lab Plus


Hello does anybody have some experience with Account Lab Plus from netenberg.

Im considering it as an alternative to boxbilling, mostly for technical support and basic billing.

My main biz is tech support but im looking for an upgrade instead of Excel and an access db.

I already tested Osticket it was fine but billing was missing (I only need basic billing, sending invoice to client, tracking who paid me, no online payments).
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For basic billing check out Pancake App:

[Edit]  I've never used Account Lab Plus but based on how often they update Fantastico I wouldn't use any of their other products.
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Eeeeeons ago. I wouldn't use it now. If you need billing, maybe Blesta or one of the cloud accounting apps like Freshbooks or Quickbooks.


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I've used Account Lab Plus and thought it was a piece of crap.
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