Anyone hiring L1 support staff?


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Hi there,

I didn't want to post this here, but figured it was worth a shot. Is anyone here hiring, or know of anyone hiring L1 support staff? I -can- do some L2 stuff, though I am not nearly as comfortable doing this for customers as I am just performing basic tasks for them quickly. I'm available to work set hours for companies that are busier, and for those that aren't as busy I can be 'on call' whenever I am at the PC, meaning I'll leave your helpdesk open in a tab or on a separate monitor and respond to and resolve tickets as they come in during my waking hours.

Payment is negotiable. I'm 25, and live on my own (in America), so keep that in mind. I'm available part time or full time, whichever is available.

Can submit resume privately upon request to those seeking additional help.

Should be noted and understood that if I work for you, you will not get special vpsBoard privileges. If a bad review is posted, I'd attempt to resolve it, but would never -ever- hide anything negative posted by a member of this community nor would I use this site as a platform for unfair promoting of any company I work for. Just figured I'd toss that out there and let it be known that hiring me does not equal unfair or special treatment for your company on vpsBoard. (Though I'd of course link to it in my signature as a form of transparency)

Let me know!


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I'd be interested in the "on call" method, what are your typical waking hours? I'm looking for individuals that can help out with American overnights.