Anyone Use Elgg CMS here?


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The better question is do you want to know about our CMS choices (MODX Fan here) or our Social Network/Engine choices?  The two aren't the same unless they changed the meaning of CMS...


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So that is a no then, i am working with some developer and we will be releasing a new social network CMS soon will post github links etc when it is released we are very excited about it, for now i am using elgg but soon will be using a cms me and other developers designed.


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Elgg is a very powerful, flexible software, we have used it before on a client's site, however it does require some learning to theme well and customize. I don't personally see the point of working on another "social network" script, (I don't see how you can combine a CMS/content management system with a social network, but it would certainly be interesting), since Facebook has that very well covered, and if you're not going to use Elgg it's a very complex project that would cost a decent amount of money and take a fairly long amount of time to undertake if you are serious about it.