Anyone wanna monster dedicated?


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I hate you for posting an offer that I don't need but want badly. Screw you.


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Really really tempting.. But after just buying new machines, I'll have to pass :(


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That's about 16% of my income and I'm still tempted :(. That said, at that point I'd be better off just buying a business ethernet over copper connection for my house and setting up one of my own boxes to act as a dedicated server xD.


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Great offer but I'm not sure about the Samsung 840 Pro and LSI 9266 combo.

I've tried the 840 Pro's with the 9260, 9266 and 9271, and haven't had any luck to be honest...

On the other hand, there's a new firmware out - maybe it improves LSI compatibility:
I am quiet sure that the firmware does indeed improve the compability, however at this pricepoint it is more or less as steal.


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We have also used the Samsung 840 Pro disks, because the Samsung 830 disks are great. The Samsung 840 disks are not working well with RAID cards, we use LSI, but also heard some people with Adaptec experiencing the same problems.
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Great deal, hope you find someone to buy that if you have no use for it :p

My offer still stands.
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