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What would a "gamer" pay for this:

Up to 8GB ram

Up to 500GB hard drive

1 ipv4 shared (or get a dedicated ipv4)

Unmetered 100Mbps bandwidth (or [email protected])

A starting plan would be:

1.5GB Ram

50GB hard drive

1 ipv4 shared (or dedicated for $4)

Unmetered 100Mbps bandwidth (or [email protected])

DDOS Protected by Staminus Communications

$12/month (roughly)

KVM virt. (linux/windows)

Thats what I'm roughly thinking for the price on a basic plan. DDOS protection by Staminus - 10Gbps filtering.


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As a gamer, first thing = location, second thing = bandwidth and peers.

Dedicated ip is also a good option since gameservers will get attacked more than anything else. But in all honesty, I would not use vps for gameservers. Especially knowing that my neighbor is also hosting gameserver on the same node.


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Servers and filtering are with Staminus, not exactly sure on peers right now... I'm in communication with them about this, as for bandwidth, our server will get 100TB @ 1Gbps to start (custom package), e3-1230v2, 32gb ram, 2x1tb hdd, 2x120gb ssd.


DigitialOcean? lel

Staminus doesn't have a completely awesome network mix. I can see HE in the mix, that might kill performance. The other 7 upstreams look okay.

However, lots of well-known Minecraft servers use Staminus DDoS protection and they're perfect for that.
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Never Forget isn't bad at all. The problem with game servers is generally there are providers who aren't good for broad area of connection. Meaning they don't have massive small hop count jumps.