Atlantic.Net SSD VPS opens new Datacenters in Toronto, Canada & Dallas, Texas


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Today we officially opened two new data center locations, one in Toronto, Canada and one in Dallas, Texas for our

Cloud SSD VPS.

Here is the the blog entry:

We offer Cloud VPSes starting from $3.65; our highlights are:

All SSD Platform

Fast Provisioning -- Up in 30 seconds

Linux & Windows

Per Second Billing, Pay as you go [only pay for what you use]

RAID Redundant Storage

Optional Backup/Optional cPanel

1Gbps Uplinks

We are now up to 3 locations, which includes the two new ones plus our original location in Orlando, FL.

Please spread the word and give us a try if you're in the market for a new virtual server.




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So, can you tell me which datacenters and network mix you have in each?

Visited you blog link and no info there about such.
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In addition to the above, we have a 10G to Cogent on order in Dallas, just waiting for the Cross Connect.

We are in Peer1 [owned by Cogeco] in Toronto.

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