Atom Server Hardware For Sale


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Howdy folks,

I have an atom server, that was originally colocated and used as the central monitoring node for my network setup up, for sale.  Details are available below:

- Atom D425 (2 Cores at 1.8 GHz)
- 4 GB RAM 
- 300 GB HDD (WDC WD3000HLHX-01JJPV0, 10000 RPM)

Looking for 60 dollars. 

Colocation location is in Clifton, New Jersey.  If interested, you can continue on with the colocation (30 dollars a month, 1 IP, 5 TB bandwidth or so on 1 Gbit).  If not, then (as long as you pay for the fees regarding de-racking and packaging), you can move it out of the datacenter.  

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Thanks.  I better pass for now, so don't go out of your way to find this info for me.  Other potential buyers might want it of course.