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Hello everybody, 

I just thought I share this, I'm in no shape or form affiliated with them but thought it was interesting offer. I totally forgot I had signed up with them for DNS hosting way back when was surprised when I got the email.

In short they are offering $100 in credit for their VPS or dedicated servers. They have an interesting location portfolio such as Australia and New Zealand. What do you guys think of the offer? Anyways enjoy! :)

"In 2003 RimuHosting started providing VPS hosting services.  Back then most webmasters had a choice of limited 'shared' hosting or expensive dedicated server hosting.  When we introduced the VPS option site owners were able to get the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with the lower price of shared hosting.

RimuHosting has a mission to take the 'hassle out of hosting'.  Part of that mission included setting up the Zonomi DNS hosting service.

In 2013 RimuHosting celebrates their 10th year in the hosting business.

First up in the celebrations is a $100 hosting voucher for new server orders by Zonomi customers.  See

You can get a VPS or dedicated server.  The VPS plans are very flexible.  You select the memory, disk space and data transfer allowance you need.  You do not pay for resources you are not going to use.  The competitive pricing starts as low as USD 16/m.

The VPSs are powerful, fast Xen virtual machines.  There are SSD-based disk options.  You have root SSH access.  You can add in a control panel (like Virtualmin or Plesk or cPanel) to help you manage the server.  Plus the RimuHosting sysadmins are available 24x7 to help install, troubleshoot and help out with your server.  They can even help you migrate your site(s) from another host to your new server.

Check out the post to take advantage of this special deal."
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If you get a 50 dollar server which most clients want you would be getting an offer like buy ten months and get two months free. So it is a good offer seeing you pay for the first month and then you start paying in month four