amuck-landowner -- What do with this domain?


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Been sitting on this domain for a while. Did have some random reviews / affiliate links to the higher paying affiliate programs, but never did anything and eventually took the site down. All ethics aside, I originally bought this domain hoping to earn a bit of extra cash from affiliate links and what-not. I think it's a good domain.

But here it is, months later, still haven't done anything with it. Any ideas? I may just sell it or continue to hoard it, or something.


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Stupid domain. Auction it here and some idiot might buy it giving you at least $5 profit, just to get in good with the owner of vpsBoard. #narutosays #realtalk #smokemethhailsatan2013


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It's better then, damn GoDaddy auto-renew on by default...

Point it to the ServerBear coupons page?  Or start compiling your own list of coupons/sales and throw some ads on there.
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