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    May 22, 2013
    BlestaCMS is a plugin for Blesta, which replaces the default portal (cms) which ships with Blesta itself, it allows you to transform your billing system to your website / blog as-well. Why have your website and billing system in two different locations?

    BlestaCMS costs $100 one-time with support and updates free for life... bargain right? We have a demo here:

    So what can you do with the BlestaCMS 1.1.3?

    • Create unlimited pages ( &
    • Create your own blog ( &
    • Create your own menu (Allows you to use both Blesta's client menu and your own custom menu for your site navigation)


    BlestaCMS 1.2.0 is going to be in development from next week, which means the following will be possible:

    • Re-written the plugin from scratch.
    • Multi-language support ( & or
    • Enable or Disable comments (this removes the add comment button)
    • Enable or Disable Gravatar (this removes the picture on the left)
    • Allows external URLs (allows you to use instead of
    • Allows you to set Logged in / Guest only for links / pages / posts
    • Page Caching (Automatically caches the pages / blogs using Blesta's caching system so it speeds up your site.)
    • Menu sorting (This allows you to drag and drop the menu links so you sort your menu the way you want it to be)
    • Staff permissions  (Allows you to get set which staff can view the BlestaCMS settings, write / edit articles, and who can write / edit your pages)






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