Bluetooth headphones < $50?


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You might want to check out Sony, they've got some cheap ones. 

I can't guarantee it will be "made in Japan" though, even worse, it might be made in Foxconn/Honhai.

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Anyone able to recommend a set of bluetooth headphones for less than fifty bucks? I'd prefer the 'neckband' style than the 'over the head' style.

I'm looking at but wondering what experience others have had before I pull the trigger.
I've had a very similar pair for years (prior model), and absolutely loved them.  Honestly can't remember ever having problems with them.  Only downside is it takes a little while to get used to the feel of them against your neck.


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As someone the prefers over the ear type headphones the work very well:

My wife also has a pair and both of them are working great since May of this year.


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Well it's over the head old school style but snagged a set branded AEC which features bluetooth + built in mic + FM radio + MP3 player (slot in headphones)  ... < $30.  Ebay.   Certainly Asian with unknown country of origin.

Pretty nice for the price, although just using to listen to audio mainly.   Does well on range considering my multi story spread.   Well enough that I can use them in most areas of the same building.  If I head outside the signal goes bye bye, but to me that's a positive.

Also bought a similar less feature packed pair from a national closeout retailer (brick and mortar version).  Branded Emerson (they don't make them but just license their name).  Probably in the $20~ range.

Always nice to see gear others are using :)


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I use a pair of these and like them for average wear.  They were originally on sale with newegg at $20.00 when I got them and have gone on sale several other times in the range of $20-$25.  Also if you look around the site on occasion they have aa version produced by a 'different' company which are really just the same thing re-branded  and they work the same.  Usually the re-branded ones are at the same price point.

Hope that helps.