Bots Outnumber Humans


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Interesting statistics on website traffic (and bot trends)...

The overall population of bots, good and bad, dropped by more than 5% over 2013, according to a study published today. Bad bots that wage distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, commit click and ad fraud, scan for vulnerable targets, and spy, for instance, increased by as much as 15%.

Bots still outnumber humans online, accounting for 56% of Internet traffic versus humans at 44%. And bad or malicious bots account for more traffic than good bots, with 29% of a site's traffic. Good bots represent 27% of site visits.

"The sophistication of bad bots has increased,"...
...three-fourths of enterprises have at least one bot-infected endpoint in-house...
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Bahaha GOOD bots, my farking foot.

Automated traffic hitting everything is a curse and plight online.

Reduce your bandwidth use, reduce server needs, etc. by banning bots :)  Been doing it for a very long time.

I use to run dedicated servers just to deal with search engine spiders as routine would get huge numbers of daily requests against dynamic on fly generated content.     

In many ways banning them, paywalling content, etc. is out of necessity, especially where one comes down off the ad/commercialization highs of ad slathering to make money/cover costs/etc.


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i think we should make a list for those bots servers ips and every web master block them and add them to the list so everyone know them