Bringing VPSMon back from bitrot

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    Sep 18, 2013
    Penny for your thoughts?

    A good few years ago when the SolusVM web interface (and most of the rest of the internet) looked like balls on mobile devices  I released VPSMon -
    It seems to still work just fine even though I haven't touched the code base in a while, but a lot of ideas that I'd had in the past about it never really got implemented and I'm wondering if anyone would actually use them if I did.

    Basically I'm here to ask if anyone uses/has used the app, if there are any ideas or suggestions that I can squeeze out of you guys on how to take it forward, and should something worthwhile come out of this whether anyone would wanna beta test new releases (it'd be a big big rewrite before I released a new version to the store and something will likely break).

    Firstly, it currently only works with solus based machines. I'd thought about abstracting the server 'stuff' a bit more, adding support for Virtualizor (and maybe others? I've been out of vpsland for a while), and also writing a service (likely just for linux based machines) you could run on any VPS/dedi box that would essentially emulate the solusvm API and spit out the statistics it displays.
    Wondering if there's a market for these other vps panels, whether their users actually care about/want/need an app in their pockets, if Solus is still ruling the roost, or if there's already something that's just plain better already available.

    Material design is also another obvious idea. At the time I thought it looked funky and fresh (in an all-black kinda way), but a few people have chattered around the internet that it's ugly (and I tend to think so myself now). Obviously this wouldn't actually add a lot to the functionality of it, but would it be worth such a total visual overhaul?

    Also does some networking stuff from memory - can check for open ports and do whois/reverse DNS lookups. Would there be any other similar functionality that an app like this could benefit from?

    Naturally I wanna keep it as a free download and free of ads. 

    To mods: Feel free to remove the link, the app name or even the whole post if you will - I can see how this could be misconstrued as shameless self promotion, but I'm really just looking to see if anyone actually wants something like this, and if I can get any suggestions on how to make it better other than "use material design".
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    Mar 8, 2013

    No worries. I support this.
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    May 13, 2013
    I support this also and have actually tried the app in the past.

    Glad to see more dev for this project.

    Visual overhaul, meh people today and their visual stuff.. Sure it has a place, but everyone and their mother runs to the same terrible and tired fashion of the year.  Resulting in everything looking the same and blah. Then their austistic fashion migrates to the next hype thing.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

     I'd build functionality first, then work with someone into design aspects to reskin things.
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