Business 101: Advertising That Appears To Take Advantage of Human Tragedy Tends To Backfire

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    Oct 11, 2013
    Tasteless marketing campaign of the day:

    advertising email received today, about 12 hours after 5 Dallas police officers were killed:

    That LSN ad is similar to a Microsoft/Bing tweet blast to 100,000 subscribers in 2011 following the earthquake in Japan

    The consumer backlash from Microsoft's tweet resulted in the hashtag #fuckyoubing becoming one of the trending topics of the day.

    Note to  @LimestoneNetworks marketing department: feel free to google 'gap hurricane sandy tweet', 'att 9/11 tweet' , 'bing japanese quake' etc. to see past reactions to this type of advertising.  
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  2. drmike

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    May 13, 2013
    I've always found myself thinking LimeStone gets a bad shake.

    Never bought from them, probably never will.  Not for any real reason other than where they are = 2000 other competitors.

    But this gave me a foul taste.  Tragedy pimping.

    Simple. Solid. Superior.

    I think those three sig words summarize the mentality of someone over there who needs away from other humans, marketing and public relations.

    Simpleton who thinks they are superior.

    Hinging donations on your own opportunity to push products, meh.  Just fucking donate and shut your trap if you give a flying... yeah.. profanity.

    Donations are damn racket anyways.  When US taxpayers were surveyed about deductions to charity/non profit, of those surveyed, well over 90% said they would not donate money if they weren't given tax credit for such.

    So by that math 90% of people are selfish shitheads out for papering their wallet and nothing else.  Limestone rides the short bus with the other greedy idiots and are being tragedy pimps.
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  3. TechVM

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    Aug 3, 2016
    I am very surprised such a "good" supplier would execute such an act. I am no longer with them at the moment I noticed this ridiculous ad... 

    They seem to be really either "greedy" or a company who "falling apart" due to insufficient cash flow.  

    Can someone suggest any suitable alternatives with LSN "like" servicing at similar/better pricing (without the unethical acts of course)?
  4. CloudHostVPS

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    Feb 25, 2016
    In this situation they are doing the cheap marketing by letting know their customer that they have simpathy. they simply donate.
  5. CloudHostVPS

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    Feb 25, 2016
    You can try Leaseweb as alternative to LSN
  6. buildmyblock

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    Sep 13, 2016
    i personally wouldn't use a disaster or anything related to tragedy for marketing its not only heartless but also could give some potential customers a feeling of sensitivity because they are reaping other peoples misfortune for profit 
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    Dec 10, 2014
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