Cheap dedicated server


Fair point. :)

I was just looking at Turnkeys' former $20 colo from last black friday- which might actually work for my needs- I've got an HP Elitebook 8640 that I'd love to colo (and cut my marginal rental expenses), but I'm not willing to pay Joe $50/mo for that when I can rent a better machine for far less. Any suggestions for someone who'd let me do a redneck colo?


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10 bucks is extremely cheap for 1Gbps burstable uplink with that specification - it wouldn't even cover the cost of the machine itself

Let alone if someone could offer it for that, I would never take it. In my experience, cheap & cheerful doesn't come with good service value (dead support, sketchy uplink, incorrect configurations [making the server unusable], unannounced billing for overages that you were not aware of etc.).

I do agree with others on this thread that a dedicated server wouldn't be the best idea for something like this & a VPS would be better suited - anything under 16GB RAM/Memory I would recommend getting a VPS or Cloud Server. I would be looking at $6-$8 USD for each GB of RAM, $4-$6 USD for each 10GB SSD ($2-$4 for HDD) & $4-$6 Per CPU Core, that in my mind would be classed as a good reliable host.