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We are offering some of the cheapest prices for ssl certs from most providers. It is important to choose the right SSL certificate for your domain. You will find that there are different types and brands available to choose from. You will need to consider whether you want domain, business or trusted validation and consider then whether your budget will stretch to what you need. The more you pay, the more trust you will get. It is also important to consider whether you want a certificate that will just secure one domain, unlimited sub-domains or many domains and sub-domains.


The Domain Validation SSL Certificate is the simplest one. It can be issued quickly as well and is available for individuals as well as businesses. There is no paperwork required and you do not need to speak to anyone, just validate by responding to an email.


You can compare our prices and see all the details of all the different brands we offer as well as use our Online SSL tools  to generate a signing request, decode your CSR and check to make sure your ssl is installed correctly.


For the next few months we are offering Comodo Positive SSL 1yr $7.00 2yrs $12.00 3yrs $16.00 4yrs $18.00 and our 5 years $25.00


You can compare prices and brands by visiting these links if you want to view by brand click here or if you want to view by type click here


If you need help choosing the correct cert you can submit a ticket to our support department 


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I've never been able to figure out the difference between Essential SSL and Positive SSL.  I have Positive SSL and it's been working fine as far as I know.  I do see 1-year Positive SSL certificates for $5 at some places.  I bought a 5-year one to avoid renewal hassles and luckily was using a non-Heartbleed-affected SSL implementation.


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Positive SSL Certificates are one the most cost effective SSL Certificate available today. Issued within 10 minutes, Positive SSL Certificates provide a quick cost effective solution to secure your customer transactions. More importantly, your customers are assured that it is safe to do business with you because sensitive information is encrypted and remains private.

Domain validated certificate

1024 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate

Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy

99.3% Browser Compatibility

128/256 bit encryption

30 day Refund Policy

$10,000 relying party warranty



Essential SSL provides domain validation but does not authenticate the business behind the online business. Essential SSL Certificates come with a golden padlock and 99.3% browser trust, and are ideal for non-ecommerce sites that require encryption. With Essential SSL certificates, in minutes you can have a high level of security with the golden padlock that your customers will look for to verify that your site is secure.

Domain validated, 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate

Immediate “No Hassle” SSL certificate issuance 24/7

Automated validation – no paperwork

FREE site seal

Risk free 30 day refund policy

Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy

Free Registration in IdAuthority

Trusted by all popular browsers with 99.3% Ubiquity

$10,000 relying party warranty



The major difference here is that the Essential SSL Certificate does come with a free site seal, whilst the Positive SSL Certificate doesn’t. Generally, Essential SSL Certificates should be used when the customer is setting up a service that will require secure interfacing with clients and growth in confidence will help. Positive SSL could be well utilised for a web service that does not require the site seal and etc, but rather just needs the information passing to and from the service to be encrypted.


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Oh I see, yeah, I've never understood how a site seal does any good, so I've never cared about using one.  So I did the right thing, getting the certificate with no seal.   I'm more interested in OCSP and OCSP stapling--do you know if those very cheap certificates support it?


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If you would try out OCSP Stapling, here’s what to do:

Check your web server software, and change or upgrade if 

necessary to get OCSP Stapling support. Check that your 

company’s security policy and firewall rules allow your web 

server to communicate over the Internet to the CA.

If you’re web site is hosted by a hosting company or is fronted 

by a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you’ll need to check with 

your hosting company or CDN provider to see if they can support 

OCSP Stapling.

Finally, if you try OCSP Stapling but decide it’s not advantageous, 

you can simply disable the feature on your web server.


OCSP Stapling may be advantageous to web site owners who 

wish to improve the performance of their end users as they 

access the site. Although it has some shortcomings, it might 

make a difference for some web sites, especially those with high 

numbers of users.


More info can be found on


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Thanks, I hadn't seen that Thawte document.  What I'm not sure of is whether Comodo supports OCSP at all, at least with their cheap certificates.  I'll see if I can figure it out.