Chris Niedojadlo's Businesses


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Hey all.
In my search to find out more about Chris Niedojadlo, the owner of 3dprintingcanada, a popular 3D printing store in Hamilton, Ontario that I frequent, I came across many forum posts from 2013-2016 on this site about him and his upwards of 20 VSP shill sites.
I also know his dad, Richard Niedojadlo, is high-up at N3 Technologies, which 3dprintingcanada is a 'subsidiary' of. The whole thing reeks like fish.
I see that many of his sites are still operational, like servermania and vpsace, etc.

So I'm wondering, what's happening here? Did he turn over a new leaf while keeping his old VSP scams going? Money laundering? It's weird!

I found some facebook pages for them, including the wife/mom, I could link but I don't want harassment for them, and it's weird because all of the pages went blank after 2016, same with the forum posts here (spooky), and I believe 3dprintingcanada's facebook store page opened sometime 2017. Conspiracy!