Cloud Shards Sydney Colo 1U $69 | 2U $104


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Cloud Shards' aim is to provide cost-effective, premium and reliable hosting to our clients. We cater to individuals, small businesses and all the way to large enterprises that need cutting-edge solutions.
Limited Time Promo whilst stocks last! IPv6 Ready! Pricing in USD.
Colocation Specials:
Single Server Deal
Space: 1U (upgrade to 2U for $35/month)
Power: 0.5A @ 220V with A+B power feeds (extra 0.5A for $47/month)
Bandwidth: 500GB @ 100mbit port
1 IPv4 Address
/64 IPv6 Addresses
$20 Setup, free initial rack and stack
Extra IPv4 addresses:
/29 5 Usable (Justification Required) $18/month
/28 13 Usable (Justification Required) $46/month
Bandwidth Upgrades:
1TB @ 100mbit port $28/month
2TB @ 100mbit port $74/month
500GB @ 1gbit port $20/month
1TB @ 1gbit port $47/month
2TB @ 1gbit port $94/month
Additional switch port for IPMI @ $12/month
We also offer custom 1/4, 1/2 and full rack deals. Contact us for more information.
Remote hands charged at $110/hour in 15 min increments
Network Features
- Great premium blend via AS62638 (including Vocus, NTT, Optus, Telstra, Megaport IX, Australia IX, Equinix IX etc)
- Network enhanced with Intelligent routing
- Juniper and Brocade routing and switching equipment
Data Center: 
Equinix Sydney SY3
24/7/365 Support.
We accept Paypal and bank transfer
We also offer managed colocation - buying and building the exact server for your needs.
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