Cloudive - Choopa Network - 2GB RAM - 15GB SSD KVM VPS $7/month


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[About Cloudive]


Cloudive is founded in 2012 by 4 nutcases who are obsessed with infiniband and high availability clusters. Till then, we offer cloud VPS services at very cheap rates.


[Plan Details]


2 vCPU (Westmere X5650)


15GB SSD Space

1000GB Bandwidth

1Gbps Port

1 x IPv4

KVM/Custom Panel

New Jersey

Choopa DC (ColoCrossing)


[Order Now]


[Network Tests]


Location: Piscataway, NJ (Choopa - ColoCrossing)

Test IP:

Test File:


[AUP & TOS tl;dr]


Anything is allowed except Public Proxies, TOR, Torrents, Email Marketing, Camfrog, Digital Currency Mining


Note that this plan is not cloud. They are basically on a single hypervisor with storage.
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You can be seated in Chicago (Dupont Fabros - ColoCrossing) as well, but that needs a ticket!