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I'm trying to set something up much like what DigitalOcean has for their Community area where people can post KB articles, questions and answers and generally a full public type website with points/awards etc.

If anyone can provide some info or insight in how to accomplish this, I'd highly appreciate it.

(Plugin examples highly appreciated!)

Preferred platform is Wordpress but others can be used too.


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Running a search for "wordpress knowledge base plugin" comes up with a lot of results :)

It might be easier to look for a solution from another angle. There are forum software that provides 1) user registration with roles, 2) ability to rate "threads", 3) ability to add comments, 4) ability to add points, etc., and 5) hopefully better searching capabilities than WP. Then make it moderated so that people can submit new "threads/tutorials" and they do not become live until they have been reviewed/edited.

In the end, it all boils down to theme/appearance. All the bell and whistles that are associated with a typical forum can be hidden. But of course, if you are looking for a straight out-of-box solution, then um ... good luck?