Coronal Mass Ejection from Our Sun Smashed the Planet Today


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Pixelated / dropped TV signals.

Here I thought TWC was just being shitty as usual last night while trying to watch The Daily Show / Better Call Saul (PDT time, so matches up) 

 Not in the bunker yet.   :lol:


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No joke, a big flare would be reason to go underground.  Good bit of worst case scenario has dwelled upon that inevitable will happen eventuality.

Someone said they were seeing Auroras all the way in the Carolinas yesterday.   Pretty far south.

TWC pixelated :)  Their TV stays like that.   Since I have it now I can say that's how it is too often.  Every time I peak in on TV room I catch TWC pixelating ugly..  All connects here are new and clean and signals in line.  Just how they roll.