cPanel Completed Licensing System


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Selling Completed Licensing System for 3000$ BitCoin Payment
Softwares Included:
-Api Website where you will manage,create,suspend,terminate your licenses,resellers
-Whmcs License - Unlimited
-LiteSpeed Web Host System 2c
-Plesk Web HOST Dedicated - Unlimited Accounts
-WHM Sonic- Radio Control for cPanel
-WHM Reseller - multi-level Reseller Plugin
-Virtualizor - Unlimited
-LetsEncrypt - FleetSSL cPanel
-cPanel Dedicated - Unlimited Accounts
-cPanel VPS - Unlimited Accounts
-Imunify360 - Unlimited Accounts
-Plesk Web HOST VPS - Unlimited Accounts
-WHMCS modules for you and for your resellers

API Website build with laravel latest,got alot of functions to manage entire system easly. You can create,suspend,terminate all your licenses or resellers. Work with api token for your customers/resellers,reseller levels,blacklist,whitelist ips.

Completed Licensing System for 3000$ BitCoin Payment

Contact informations:
Email:[email protected]
Skype: invite/pqBFcxC1k2HT

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