cPanel/WHM License from 11.00/m for your VPS and Dedicated server ANYWHERE!

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    May 6, 2014

    For a very limited time you can get a cPanel license for your server hosted anywhere from 25.99/m or 21.77/year. The normal price ANYWHERE on the web is 35.00/m. FOR VPS UPWARDS OF 15.00/M! These savings will last as long as you keep the license. Host NIT Inc. is an official cPanel NOC Partner.

    Current Offer:

    cPanel/WHM External License {Dedicated Server}:

    : 25.99/m
    3 Month Price: 23.33
    Semi-Annually: 22.50
    Annually: 21.67

    To place your order please click here

    cPanel/WHM External License {VPS SERVER}:

    : 11.00/m
    3 Month Price: 10.00
    Semi-Annually: 10.00
    Annually: 9.17

    click here to order your license>>

    For any further questions/comments or concerns please contact our sales department @ [email protected][/email
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